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Conflicts of Interest

1) I will refrain from any action that may constitute or give the appearance of constituting a conflict with the mission, purpose or best interests of the Sidewalk University.

2) I will avoid any and all circumstances or relationships that might serve to impair my judgment or objectivity in the performance of my official duties.

3) I will not enter into any business transaction on behalf of the Sidewalk University without authorization, and only in instances where it is in the best interest of the Sidewalk University, its clients and its employees.

4) I will not use my position or information obtained in the course of my employment for any personal advantage or benefit, or for any purpose not specifically authorized by the President of the Sidewalk University.

5) I will not be influenced in the discharge of my duties by any personal or financial interest or relationship.

6) I will not personally or financially benefit, directly or indirectly, from any sale, purchase, or other activity of the organization or its business partners.

7) I will refrain from any and all actions that would cause a “related party” to benefit personally or financially, directly or indirectly, from any sale, purchase, or other activity of the organization or its business partners.  (Related parties include, but are not limited to: spouse, child, parent, in-laws, grandchild, grandparent or sibling.  Related persons also include any person with whom an employee shares living quarters under circumstances that closely resemble a marital relationship, or a person who is financially dependent upon the employee.)

8) I will not accept from or give to any current or potential supplier, customer, competitor, or donor any payment, service, gratuity, gift, or favor of more than nominal value, unless explicitly approved by the President.  “Nominal value” shall not include any consideration that a reasonable person could not believe is in any way intended to influence the actions of the recipient to benefit the giver or his related entities.

9) I will not ask for or accept cash, kickbacks, bribes, gifts or favors. 

10) I will not establish outside or personal relationships with vendors, clients, consultants, donors, funders, corporations, other not-for profit organizations or business partners of the Sidewalk University in instances where those relationships have the potential of creating a conflict of interest or the appearance of such a conflict.

11) I will ensure that all Sidewalk University travel, entertainment and related services are contracted in a cost-effective manner, and not for my personal gain or the personal gain of related parties.

12) I will promptly disclose to the president and vice president for finance any direct or indirect financial or other interest in or relationship with a business or other for profit or not-for-profit entity that I or a related party may have, where I am aware that such business or entity has or will have a business, financial or other relationship with the Sidewalk University. 

13) I will promptly disclose to the president any perceived, potential or actual conflicts of interest.


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