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Educational Consulting and Resource One

What's Next Lecture Series!

What are my options to obtain financial security?

Understanding Educational Career options:

  1. College Education
  2. Trade school

Understanding Employment options:

  1. Workforce – employee
  2. Private and Government(civil service)
  3. Entrepreneurship - self employed
  4. Military
  5. Born into a financially wealthy family

Educational Pay Scale

  1. High school drop-out
  2. High school graduate
  3. Trade school
  4. College Educated

Understanding World Economic Terms

  1. What is Economy?
  2. What is Capitalism?
  3. What is Inflation?
  4. What is Deflation?

Understanding Social Life Skill

  1. Rules of engagement for the Corporate Environment
  2. What is being Politically Correct?
  3. Does Race and Sex matter?
  4. How does Diversity affect your opportunity for success?

Preparing for Post Secondary Education

  1. Preparing for college
  2. Choosing a school
  3. Testing
  4. Financial aid
  5. The application process

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