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Save Our Athletes Please 

Mission Statement

This program was designed to help young student athletes, regardless of race, creed, color or religious belief, in high school or college to understand how the challenges and temptations they will face as student athletes could impact their lives and their families. To provide information and services to help them avoid the pitfalls of being a student athlete, and to help those who seek to develop a relationship and understanding with and of God, which will keep their mind, body and spirit Clean.


The goal of the SOAP organization is to team with community and religious leaders to provide student athletes with group and One on One mentoring, counseling sessions and seminars with individuals who are current or past student athletes, and professionals that can provide information on how to prepare for life as a student athlete. Our presenters will provide positive and encouraging guidance, testimonies, and support to help our students cope, obtain and maintain a Clean prospective on the following issues:

  1. The success and failure of being student athletes.
  2. How to resist negative peer pressures.
  3. The importance of attending classes, studying and successfully passing classes.
  4. How to deal with injuries
  5. The economics of being a student athlete
  6. Managing expectations
  7. Managing your personality
  8. What is your relationship with God, and do you understand your gift.


  1. Student athletes
  2. Parents of student athletes
  3. Teachers and coaches
  4. Ex-students and professional athletes (current and retired)


    Contact Information: 


Phone: 973-508-7874



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