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Saving and Investing

  1. Saving vs. Investing
  2. Identify reason to save
  3. Recognize concerns and issues when saving
  4. Identify places to save
  5. Compare and contrast types of interest
  6. Understand the impact of saving
  7. Recognize the regulations governing savings
  8. Investing for the long term


Money Management and Budgeting

  1. Knowing what you spend and making a spending plan
  2. Spending habits and how to change them
  3. Pay yourself first
  4. Understanding your credit profile
  5. Ordering your credit profile
  6. Factors that impact your credit score
  7. Ways to build good credit


Why You Should Start a Business

  1. Are you paid what you are worth?
  2. Is enough of your income tax-free?
  3. How is wealth developed, and what are your options?
  4. Why are timing, leverage, and residual income so important?
  5. How to avoid 90% of the mistakes and be profitable quickly


Understanding the Stock Market

  1. Stock Evaluation
  2. Buying and Selling Stocks
  3. Cash/Margin Accounts
  4. Selling Short
  5. Stock table
  6. Stock Chart
  7. Stock Indexes
  8. Mutual Fund   


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