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Sidewalk University Nutrition Education

We provide education and action plans for optimal health, nutrition, weight management, and obesity prevention.
By helping children, families, the elderly, and others in need, we are restoring people’s health and giving them a life.
1. Children’s Health Issues
allergies, auto-immune, spectrum, ADHD, nutrition, type-2 diabetes, obesity...
2. Adult Weight and Health Management
elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol & triglycerides, insulin resistance, heart attack, obesity, sluggishness...
3. Achieving Optimal Health

immune system disorders, allergies, sinus, fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, Crohn’s disease, cancer, stomach disorders, ulcers,
colitis, colon problems, constipation, hemorrhoids, digestive disorders, normal healing, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, eczema, psoriasis,
acne, lack of energy, stress, chronic pain, circulation, slowing aging, varicose veins, vision acuity, joint flexibility,
edema and swelling of the legs, inflammation from sports injuries, strengthen capillaries/arteries/veins, enhance cell vitality, heart
disease, sluggish memory (A.D.D.), phlebitis, diabetes, skin elasticity, appearance of wrinkles, cholesterol, bloating, nutrient
absorption, enzymes, displacing harmful bacteria, metabolism of carbohydrates/fats/proteins, anxiety, depression, irritability,
mental function, memory loss, cardiovascular health, homocysteine levels, central nervous system, bone marrow, intestinal tract,
regeneration of red blood cells, anemia (tired blood), DNA & free radical damage, brain & spine birth defects, detoxify colon/liver/blood,
toxins, non-digested foods stored in bowels, intestinal microflora, heart, blood sugar, asthma, bone & joint, customized nutrition...
4. Addressing Men's and Women's Health Issues
libido, anti-aging, prostrate, heart health, osteoporosis, menopause, PMS, hormone stability...
5. Expanding Our Programs Worldwide
our free programs help qualified persons and health care professionals incorporate health and wellness into a successful business model
Contact Information:

 Phone: 201.645.1020
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