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Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do Institute

 Key Benefits:

Traditional martial arts training is an effective method for treating aggression in adolescents because it provides a structured environment that fosters maturity and self-discipline as well as physical, mental and spiritual growth. For centuries, traditional training in martial arts has been proven to bring about therapeutic benefits, not only physically but also mentally as well. However, it has only been during the last fifty years that the western world has been exposed to these benefits.

Traditional martial art training has been shown to provide an affordable and more readily available alternative for treatment of adolescent aggression. Parents may argue that teaching "fighting arts" will only serve to increase aggression and violence. However, the philosophies and training methods of traditional martial arts emphasize the control of one's own aggression and focus on the defensive rather than offensive use of techniques. When properly implemented, this training can serve as a suitable alternative or supplement to a verbal therapy program.

Traditional martial art training provides a structured environment that fosters maturity and self-discipline. This environment promotes respect for one's fellow human beings as well as the mastery of one's own fear. Courage, which is synonymous with mastery of fear, is not a lack of fear. It can instead be defined as the self-discipline to control one's fear. "This mastery can then be applied to coping with attacks other than physical from the early, primal fears raised in the past by parents or significant others, to current difficult or embarrassing situations" (Weiser et al. 2).

Traditional martial arts training, when structured properly, can be a viable alternative or supplement to verbal psychotherapy. The history of martial arts is one steeped in tradition and virtue that has been providing health both mentally and physically for centuries. This fact, together with the studies conducted to date have shown that the benefits of traditional martial arts training are in many ways parallel to those of traditional therapy programs.



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